Re. Servicing to Iran

Dear sirs,
With much appreciation of your great thought & idea, now we wonder if you service to our country -Iran- & how you see the future of this plan in our country. If we could act as an agent in here as a reputable company in the Telecom field?
Would be thankful in advance for your consideration & time.
Best regards,
Mohsen Manafi
ESS Technologies

From my understanding of the situation, US companies cannot directly do business with Iranian companies. You would need to set up a company in a neutral country that would act as a middleman between Outernet and Iran.

Hi Branko!
Thanks for the response & your attention, please let me know more of you & your valued company for the further talks.
You may response to my email as [email protected]

Thanks & best regards,
Mohsen Manafi
ESS Technologies

I see this a the biggest problem of this project!
Its a US company.

In the age where pages a dynamically altered where is the guarantee that what is going to transmitted has not been altered in any way from the original.

Would you agree that this statement “Lighthouse receives files anywhere on Earth for free.” from the main page is misleading?

On that note, can you please make somewhere available which countries would not be able to SHARE FILES GLOBALLY, FREE DOWNLOADS FOREVER?

We don’t say you are able to purchase Ligthouse everywhere in the world from us. There are clearly limitations. However, it’s still a fact that Ligthouse as a device is able to receive files in most of the populated world.

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