Received unit? I've been waiting 18 months

Has anybody ever received their unit? Even one? I invested over 18 months ago, and have heard absolutely nothing in over 6 months. Guess I can kiss that cash goodbye. Crowd funding? I’d rather just set fire to my money.

Some updates have been posted to the Indiegogo page. In a nutshell, some beta units have been shipped and they’re working on finalizing things right now.

The definition of ‘unit’ has been a moving target. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but It went from a solar powered receiver for KU band to a CHIP computer + patch antenna + LNA + E4000 SDR configured to serve as a WiFi hotspot.

While I think it was a good decision to switch from KU to L-Band, I am extremely disappointed with the performance of the E4000 + LNA. I purchased the LNA+Patch+E4000 from Outernet on Amazon and now deeply regret the purchase. I, along with many others here do not get an acceptable signal from the E4000 to receive Outernet as viewed on SDR#. It seems that the E4000 overheats and people have had some limited success and improved the signal with ice packs to cool the E4000.

On the other hand, with a decent SDR, like my SDR Play, the Outernet signal is received easily, even without an external amplifier and ice packs.

And what makes this more frustrating is that Outernet only supports the E4000 or RTL dongles like it, and the critical portion of code needed to receive Outernet is not Open Source.

Please understand that I am not trying to ‘bash’ Outernet, but instead express my frustration over the current situation. And I completely sympathize with ‘screwedover’ and all the good people over at ‘’ who crowdfunded Outernet and have nothing to show for it.

Two years ago I never thought a RTL TV dongle could decode satellite data.

Two years later for $89.00 I have a RTL Dongle kit decoding satellite data.

How did Outernet get it so right, is the question I am asking.

@cbander I’m beginning to think that something is not on the up and up with the E4000 dongles… after having my second one start going deaf I took my rev 2 RTL-SDR dongle and enabled the bias and dropped it in. 11dB SNR, I was shocked and in disbelief the best I ever saw with the official dongle was just over 7, it’s a huge improvement. I’m going to reserve my celebration until I’ve had a chance to monitor it for a few days, but the starting SNR leaves a lot of room for deterioration.

@screwedover You can always ask for a refund. We’ve provided one to everyone who has asked.

@Syed Does the refund offer also apply to people who purchased the E4000 from Outernet on Amazon over 30 days ago? If so, please let me know where to send mine back to.

Sure. Please message me with your Amazon purchase details and send the unit back to the following address. The return process is a lot easier directly through Amazon, but that only applies within the 30 day window.

965 W Chicago Avenue
Chicago IL 60642

Just recovered my email account. I paid for a unit 2 1/2 years ago and haven’t received a damn thing.

Arrange to send unit or refund asap

Please email [email protected] with your refund request and order number. The refunds get processed within one business day.