Receiving Packets While Driving

One of our friends just recently took a road trip through Montana. We’ve assumed that it was possible to receive Outernet while driving, but this is the first time that it’s been confirmed. This means that receiving files while on a boat won’t be an issue, either (hopefully).

Any private pilots on the forums?

Groovy guys.

The SNR was below 2 and you still received packets.

Is there any way you could stick the antenna to the roof and see how that goes.

What was packet loss? etc.

I’m sure that packet loss was very high, but I don’t have the details as I was not conducting the test. I’ll make a rooftop rig when I have some time to obtain more data.

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Howdy Syed,

We’re testing out the Outernet again. We’re driving east on I-90 across South Dakota with cruise control set to 60mph. Not the most scenic part of our drive.

Took sometime to get the antenna in the right orientation, but I found the crease of the window worked well. So I got it facing south. We’re connected and receiving packets!

I’d say testing via this moving truck is a good analog for receiving Outernet on planes, because compared to anything else I’ve ever driven this thing feels like a 747.

See you soon,