Reception report from Zhangjiakou City, China

It receives unstable low SNR (0.2-3dB) here in Zhangjiakou City, China. The average SNR is about 1.2dB and no satellite is locked. The location is at Latitude 40.811901 degree North, Longitude 114.884091 degree East. Skies are a liitle cloudy and it is 9:00 local time in the morning.
From the user manual, I tried to direct my antenna to I-4 F1 APAC. however, no obvious improvement in the signal SNR can be found out. Are there any suggestions?

Try your SDR+LNA + antenna with SDR# or similar software, to see if you have any local noise. Can you also post a picture of the hardware you have? Outernet has started to ship different hardware and it may help to know what you have.

OK, I will try about it. My hardware may be the new version of Deluxe Kit. The are as follows:

Just based on your Rssi of -119.4 dBm it looks like no signal. In my travels local noise sources which could mask the Outernet signal show Rssi closer to -100 dBm, and my SDR # shows a masked Outernet signal too.

Just to be sure on pointing here’s the DishPointer calculation. Sometimes I mistakenly point too :open_mouth:

Oh yes, are you in the HotSpot mode or on a WiFi network?


You seem to be tuned to the wrong satellite - the freq for the APAC beam is 1545.9525, you are tuned to 1545.94, which is the Europe beam.

Please correct that in the Tuner app.

OK, I will try to tune it to the right satellite, thank you!

Thank you for the DishPointer calculation, I will try this direction later. Besides, I am on a WiFi network.

Why is your interface mirrored? just curious :slight_smile:



Did you login with the admin credentials? They are outernet/outernet.

Which interface mirrored? The one at the bottom of the picture? Just the marble floor or the light on the board?

He means the outernet user interface. This is what we are used to seeing.

Did you ever get reception?

Yeah, I login in by outernet/outernet just as the manual indicates. However sometimes errors are fed back as dialog box. It can be seen in my first picture.



I am on duty today and have not tried your methods yet. I will come back to report as soon as there is any breakthrough.

By the way, speaking of the mirrored interface, maybe because of the overlaid dialog boxes and the settings of my operating system, I guess.

The only way i can explain the mirrored interface would be, that because the chinese are writing from right to left instead of left to right in the US, Europe and so on. Seems to me that windows or the browser is trying to change the reading direction with mirroring.


That was my guess too

Correct me if I’m wrong but Chinese characters are written left to right since 1955:
"In modern times, the familiar Western layout, as left-to-right linear Chinese, has become more popular"

right to left mainstream are:
"Arabic, Hebrew and Persian are the most widespread RTL writing systems in modern times."

I have absolute no idea xD Now i am confused :open_mouth:

Wikipedia (de) said that chinese (asian languages) is written up to down and now (in the modern days) right to left.

I think only someone from asia can answer that question right.


I guess that was the vertical Chinese which is seldom used nowadays:
“Traditionally Chinese text was written in vertical columns which were read from top to bottom, right-to-left; the first column being on the right side of the page, and the last column on the left. Text written in Classical Chinese also uses little or no punctuation, with sentence and phrase breaks are determined by context and rhythm.[23] Vertical Chinese is still used for effect or where space requires it, such as signs or on spines of books.”

But you are right a native Chinese forum user might can help us understand this correctly :slight_smile:

Yeah,We write Chinese from left to right, from up to down just as English now.

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