Reception Report in Alaska

Reception Report for Kake, Alaska (56.93348N, 134.11844W)

First time being able to connect to SES-2 from here in Alaska. Primary problem has been the necessary elevation angles were less than 15 degrees, and the mountain/tree line heights for clearance to satellite on shore were between 20 and 30 degrees.

Have lock with data and audio is working fine with SNRs of -12.25 dB and Rssi of -81 dBm. Setup parameters were Mag 109.4 degrees, elevation of 13.3 degrees, and Skew of -25.5. Ken


Reception Report Petersburg, Alaska (56.82351N, 132.92631W)

Again have lock with an SNR of 10.75 dB and Rssi of -80 dBm. Setup parameters were Mag 110.5 degrees, elevation of 13.9 degrees, and Skew of -25.2. Receiving audio and data files with no problem.



I love that portable.

How are you doing skew adjust?

Did you say you get an extra 3 dBi with that cone?

For skew adjust, I turn the LNB in its mount to the required -25.9 (-30 degrees). The cone gives me an extra 3 dB up here, but without the cup cone I was still able to close the link at a -15 dB SNR. The issue here is I don’t have much margin when the signal drops a bit, so I lose lock often. Ken

Reception Report North Side of Revillagigedo Island, Alaska (55.84165N 131.45979W)

Obstructed view - - no signal. Ken

Reception Report Ketchekan, Alaska (55.34422N 131.6461W)

Although a low elevation of 15.5 degrees with several distant obstructions, Lock achieved with SNR of -10.0 dB and Rssi of -80 dBm. Parameters are elevation of 15.5 degrees, skew -25.9 degrees, magnetic 111.7 degrees. Ken

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Here’s a close up - -

Note the extremely low elevation angle I have to use up here in Alaska. Ken