Reception Report Springhill, Nova Scotia

Reception here in Springhill, Nova Scotia, (Lat 45.6 deg N Long 64.1 deg W) is excellent. SNRs peak at -11.75 dB with Rssi’s at -80 dBm. Springhill is about 60 miles North of Yarmouth, NS, Canada.

Due to the local satellite supported internet at this location, shows me in Ontario at this time - - so that picture is not very exciting :sleepy:



Same problem here, Ken. I’m not in Olympia, but 30 mi east of Seattle. :smiley:


Additional Reception Information

Just an update - - without the collapsible cone, I was still able to receive. SNR peaked at - 12 dB with the same Rssi of - 80 dBm. Ken

I thought the cone was giving you a solid 2dB of additional SNR?

Well yes, but I didn’t do the comparisons at the same time. One was yesterday and the other today. Let me do that now. Ken

Current results can’t make a comparison. East coast reception is poor all around - -


Without the collapsible cone, I cannot close the link at all. With the cone extended, I get signal lock and am running an SNR of -12.5 dB. Ken

I checked the weather in Maryland near the SES-2 teleport, and it appears to be wet and rainy. Syed, does that teleport feed the only uplink signal to SES-2, or is there a West coast feed that handles that side of the CONUS? Ken

It’s a single beam, so only one uplink, which originates from Maryland.