Request for Data Logs and Graphs for SNR

I’ve been in touch with Inmarsat about the drop in performance and they have requested a much spring documentation as possible. They are not aware of any issues.

Please post all any links to data sets and plots here, with a description of time periods and location/satellite. I know there are several postings through our a few different threads, which I’ll try to round up later tonight. Feel free to overload this thread with data.

We need .csv uploading added, zip would be better. Oh any sat, or all?

Body limited to 24K or so, Tried to put up 223K. FAIL…

Need a FTP to park these.


Trying a different way. With a 7z file. Reduced the data from 216K text to 15.7 in .7z.

Can’t upload since it is not an .jpg image.

How about placing the file here:

From my “Alphasat weak Signal” thread, here are my logs from the past days.

SNR logs - GoogleDrive

My receiver (Indoor at a window) is located near cologne in Germany
I will update the GoogleDrive Document every day and add the SNR logs from the past 24h.
Updated the Document :slight_smile:

The Signal is not stable and has a wave form to it. Sometimes it goes down for many hours and comes then back up to the normal wave like form.

regards, Manuel

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I don’t know how helpful this might be, but SNRs and Rssi on Americas 98 W are stabler now than they used to be. This is a notional feel since I don’t record, but Americas used to fluctuate allot too. Ken

Posted up.

Many thanks!

I presume you don’t need data from receivers that already connect to your internet server for
status reports?

Just a Question:

when my RSSI value goes up (from -114 to -112) the SNR should also go up. Doesent it? I get a higher SNR when my RSSi goes down sometimes. is that normal?

some minutes later…RSSi down and SNR up?

No, the RSSI value is the “signal and noise average level” while the SNR is the difference between
signal and noise. When signal and noise both go up/down the same amount, the SNR stays the same.

E.g. when you connect a cable between the LNA and the RTL stick, the RSSI will go down, but the
SNR remains the same. (unless the cable damping is so much that the noise figure of the RTL stick
becomes noticable)

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Those doesn’t make such sophisticated SNR logs yet, so every SNR log is welcome!

Todavía hacen falta datos?

Tengo desde el 19 de enero hasta el día de hoy, faltan los dos últimos días, pero esta el antes el durante y el después del fallo de señal.


Still needy?

I have from January 19 to today, the last two days are missing, but it is before the during and after the signal failure…

wow! :slight_smile: Very nice! Yes, it would be great to have this too as csv / google sheet format.


He subido un csv y el txt al Drive enlazado más arriba, decir que el día 3 hubo mucho viento, que movió la antena, eso fue el causante de la perdida de señal de ese día.


I uploaded a csv and txt to the Drive linked above, say that on day 3 there was a lot of wind, which moved the antenna, that was the cause of the signal loss of that day.

Edit: I think the csv is not right, I can not create it well.

Edit2: I have uploaded the Excel sheet.

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In the last 24h I had a massive increase in SNR for about 20h. The Receiver was not moved or even touched in this time.
As a note: My log is from 30.1.17 until now and will be updated roughly every 24h.

My log on Google Drive
(Update: added information about my Setup)


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You presume correctly. Thanks for checking.