Request for feedback: ORx image format change

Last week, we had a breaktrhough creating a live (non-flashing) SD card for Lighthouses. More on that later this week, but today I have a question for ORx users.

During the live SD card development, we figured out a better format for booting the Outernet OS from SD cards which is applicable to ORx as well. The new format requires a single file to be placed on a blank SD card (similar to updating the current ORx cards), but the data and downloads would be stored directly on the SD card in a folder called DOWNLOADS, and would be accessible to any computer or device supporting / equipped with SD card readers. It also somewhat lowers the maintenance cost for us but that’s not a big factor.

Moving to this format would imply:

  • the need to extract data form the old-format SD card (unless you were using external storage)
  • the need to reinitialize the new installation (setup wizard)

So the question for all ORx users is: do you think you could live with the above tradeoff?

My answer is ‘Yes’. :smile:
I’m using an external storage to store data.

I also would not mind to change!

Hardly everyone said yes, but let’s try it anyway. Maybe others will like it or at least not dislike it. :smile:

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