Requesting Wikipedia Article

I would like to request a Wikipedia article to be placed in queue for transmission. Does anyone know of the best way of going about this request? The article in question is linked below.

Thanks in advance!


I just placed the requested article on the Carousel.

It’d be nice if you could you tell us a bit about your interest in this particular one? :slight_smile:

I setup a kit for an older buddy of mine (think Paul Bunyan) who lives pretty much off the grid. He has a great interest in WWII era planes and such, and thought this would be a great way to engage him in using Outernet. If it does, I might be requesting more Wikipedia articles for him. Thanks @Abhishek


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@tkepe194 You can always upload files through this link–just make sure they are less than 10kB in size:

I’ve uploaded a couple of test files and haven’t seen them appear. Also, haven’t seen much coming in the Community Content lately.

We only receive about five new uploads per day. I missed a few day’s worth of uploads (it’s still a manual process). There should be about 15 new files coming down right now.

What became of the shortwave listening schedules I sent you?

@tkepe194 The Wikipedia article you requested should be playing out pretty soon.

@k5ted Working on that broadcast schedule right now.

Actually, discussing with Abshishek, as I’d rather not break it up into chunks. Ping me tomorrow night if you don’t see it coming down by then.

Just added it. Please confirm upon receipt.

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