Retooling Othernet Lantern for Current Othernet Operation

Is it possible to reconfigure the previous Othernet Lantern device (which I believe was a Wetek box) to operate with the current Dreamcatcher/Skylark framework? Ken

Unfortunately, it isn’t. There may be an add-on receiver with USB, which could be connected to the Wetek box. But that’s about it.

I guess I’ll continue to use my Lantern for LibreELECTRIC Kodi. Ken


If you’re finally declaring the Lantern project dead, I’ll guess I’ll finally take that refund you offered.
I just sent Elon Musk a $99 deposit on a Starlink terminal; I’m hoping that works out differently from this experience.


Lantern development is not dead at all. There are 6000 down converters sitting on pallets in Chicago, waiting to be integrated with the PCB. One lease has already been signed and the other (for US coverage) is being prepared.