RPI Build is it still posible?

I was looking at adding this to my Ham Radio shack as a way to get current news and weather in a power down situation and for APRS messaging. The articles and videos im finding about building a Rpi receiver for othernet are all a couple years old, I just wanted to find out if the software is all still current to be able to do this before purchasing parts?

Hi Cale - - there have been many innovations and changes in Othernet. The current receiver, the Dreamcatcher v3.05, runs Skylark v 5.8. At this time, that card is not being sold as it is being upgraded, but many of us have spares we might be able to get you.

Take a look at my port forwarded system at to get an idea as to what Othernet is providing. Ken (PS - - Iā€™m a long time supporter not connected with the company and live in Annapolis, MD)