RSS Health Related Feeds

We have made such significant strides with RSS News Feeds, I thought perhaps we could use the same automation technique to broadcast Health Related Feeds.

These are all public domain, and are not the filler type articles that TV puts on the evening news, but really important updates on health related issues. You could put it in the Health Section with the Hesperian PDFs or just as a new separate Health News.

Here’s a list:

Medline Plus

CDC Feeds

World Health Organization

NIH Diabetes

NIH General

Doctors Without Borders

What do you all think? @Syed@Abhishek can it be done? Ken

Thanks for the links Ken.

Yes, I will look into adding these. Big upgrades to both APRS and News coming soon.

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New News Feeds

It is good to see some new additional News Feeds coming in on a daily basis. Ken

I like them, maybe we need a way to group them
—current events
—world news

Also rather then deleting them after 7 days, can they be sent to an archive ?