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I have a question for Syed and team.
The bias tee activation in RTL SDR BLOG is done by software, it is not by default. Have you taken care of the bias tee activation in your OS update by default?


Yes, we have.

The RTL SDR V3 is hot. Definitely 2-3 db better SNR than the E4000. Good job.

FEATURE REQUEST. My setup is marginal (INSIDE - still getting solid 3-4 db SNR). I noticed using Wi-Fi client mode, the wifi appeared to desense the L band when I would IO to it. I went to cabled Ethernet and all is well. I manually downed the wlan0 interface from SSH. Can you all add an option to the Pi GUI to disable the wireless interface all-together? I suspect this might help some of us who have wired as an option and marginal signal.



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