Satellite BTC Blockchain(and other feeds)

Does anyone know what the Blockstream brand ground stations look like, what is inside them? They are operating on three, four, or five satellites depending on the article you read. Apparently they have a rolling update of the blockchain so people without internet can still use bitcoin, I guess it is like checks waiting to clear for those guys as it propagates between users until it is transmitted over the satellite feed. Al the money that is available for a stupid thing like bitcoin.
(is still pissed I threw away an old(failed?) HDD with 20-30 btc years ago when it was all worth a bit over a $us. Also has no idea what the wallet password was))


@demandzm, if only that were my biggest loss…

But seriously, what do these one-way data feed receivers look like, who is using them, and what for?
If you look at Lyngsat there are so many transponders worldwide doing data feeds instead of TV or audio.
Hardware:A $300 DVB-S2 receiver with ability to process ACM, VCM, Multi Input Stream, 16APSK and 32APSK mode, Multiple Generic Stream, Combined Single Generic &Single TS. It uses a raspberry pi or other Linux device to decode the signals.
They offer a messaging service pay by the bit.

Is there a cheaper receiver with the data rx capability to try to war-scan satellites for open feeds?
It looks like the $70 TBS5520 might also work. But before I go nuts chasing hardware to receive what are likely encrypted feeds; is there anything other than FTA TV and radio worth receiving or looking for in the clear(unencrypted) specifically over the middle east with a Ku band dish and a data capable receiver?

Someone could test:

Frequency table? SDR setup?
Dreamcatcher v13 will finally have Ethernet?

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