Satellite Director app

Satellite Director, find a satellite in 30 seconds

I didnot try it, but seems it is usefull.

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This is the best satellite pointing app for Android I have used. It puts my charts and very expensive Suunto Tandem Satellite Locator to shame. Thanks, Janos, :grinning:

I sent a short note to the author of the Satellite Director app, his name is Frans Nijhuis, asked him to take a visit on our forum. If he appeares here, dont hasitate to ask him about your questions.

There are also videos on Youtube, check this link: zekitez. There are also videos made by users of the app. Just search for “Satellite Director” on Youtube or use this link.
All you need is the free version which can be downloaded from Google play or from my website as listed above.
Within a short time there will be an update (1.50) which allows switching between the rear or front camera. With the front camera you should be able to find the satellite with the phone under the dish instead of above the dish with the rear camera.

If there are any questions about Satellite Director then I will try to answer them.

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Frans, (zekitrz)
Thank you for your great app, and thank you for your visit on our forum, and the first note about more videos on it. We hope your app will help a lot some of our members, not have too much practices with setup satellite dishes, which need to receive outernet data stream.
We propose to install, study, and use your app in the head of the topics.

There is a new app in Google Play “Satellite Locator” that does not require a compass but finds the satellite based on 2 GPS locations. Phones without compass are less expensive. The video is
Satellite Locator