Satellite dish... DYNASAT 2M

Hey guys I’m pretty sure I can’t use this for outernet reception without modding it but what can I use this for I pick it up for free today

eXtreme WiFi

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If you covered the disk with shinny foil you could point it at the sun and at the focus cook you BBQ.

Free to air tv on C-band… goto to they will have all the details…

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I’ve seen them turned upside down and used as a dome roof for a gazebo.

Why not outernet? Probably work in a place like northern Alaska or Siberia where the angle is bac, elsewhere would get amazing signal to noise ratio for Outernet and you could dabble in some SDR radio astronomy, especially if you added some LNBs to get other bands. if you stack some LNEs you might also pull some interesting terrestrial signals bounced form the moon, apparently this worked with big TV station carriers.