Satellite Frequency Finder App for Skylark

I made a small App based on javascript that uses the API of Skylark on the Dreamcatcher 3.x that should make it a lot more easy to find the right Frequency for the new Beam. It has the Following Features so far:

  • Showing the current Beam / Frequency Settings that are Setup in Skylark
  • Showing the Current Tuner Status in Realtime (updates every 500ms)
  • Setting the EU / US Beam to the newest Frequencies that are in the Script
  • in/decrease the Frequency of the Custom Profile by 5khz with one Button press.
  • Entering and Saving of a custom beamtype and Frequency to the Custom Profile

Installation is really easy, just download it on your PC, put it on the SD Card of our Dreamcatcher. Then Login to Skylark, open the “File Manager” and start it with a Doubleclick on the File in File Manager with the Reader App.

You can download the new 1.11 Version here (Right click->Save Link as):


Manuel, it opens like this Ken

you need to Download it, top right, just press the Download Button and ignore the stupid preview on Google Drive :slight_smile:

I’m making progress, but nothing happens - -

None of the TABS do anything. Ken

Works ok, I think…

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I saved it to my Dreamcatcher 3.05 and opened with the reader app. Seems to work great as it is changing the appropriate settings. My issue is I can’t get a signal at all, but it looks like your program is working. Nice job!

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You need to have it on your DC3 and open it witth the Reader app from the Filemanager in Skylark.
You also need to make sure that you are loged in as an admin (othernet user), guests dont have access to the tuner.

Ah yes - - download it to the Dreamcatcher when you want to use it. I presume if you load it on your external micro SD card, it will always be available for use. I have to try that too. :heart_eyes: Ken

Yes - - loaded on the external storage, it becomes a permanent program and works fine. Ken

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You could upload it over the webinterface as well to the sd storage, don’t know if the home directory will be cleaned on Reboot.

I uploaded to downloads/apps adjacent to the “Othernet Satellitecalcs.html”

Works great opening with reader.

One question… “Save to DC3” button… is to change Americas and Europe ?

and… what is number in Tuner Status … seconds ?

Jup it saves the Config you see under “Other Beams” to the DC3.

PS:the number on the Tunerstatus are the received Statuspackets, just an indication that it refreshed the status.

Yes, on reboot of the DC, the App goes away. Better approach would be to have Syed put it on the download carousel to permanently save in the Download Apps TAB with your Satellite Siting App. Ken

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I did a little test tonight using Manuel’s App.

I know my LNB must be set to 12.089472 GHz to work. So I reset my system to 12.0894 GHz and as expected received no signal after I did a reboot. Using Manuel’s APP, I incremented up to 12.089470 GHz by adding 5 kHz 14 times, and started receiving signal with Lock at 12.089470. Once there, I could fine tune to 12.089472 to my sweet spot by manually adding a couple of kHz.

Works as expected. Naturally, one must decide whether to add or subtract the 5 kHz increments to get Lock when you start this process. Good job :heart_eyes: Ken

PS I have still not been able to get my Maverick to achieve Lock.


Could an ‘automation’ be added to the app to do a scan of a frequency range, for example… do a step change at 10 second intervals from a ‘start’ frequency to ‘end’ frequency … and build a table of resulting tuner status parameters at each ‘step’ ?

Since I change lnbf’s that have manufacturing tolerances of +/- 500KHz, I would like to automatically scan a range of 12.088.900 KHz to 12.089.900 KHz looking for the US frequency of 12.089.4 KHz


Since some (most) LNBs have a stated offset range up to 1 MHz, a full 2 MHz inside-out ping-ping starting from the nominal frequency might be best.

Yes, I can put this on the broadcast list.

i would wait for it until the Autotune is implemented :slight_smile:

A 2mhz tune would take ages, you think a setting for how many tics of 5khz plus and minus will be scanned could be usefull? So users with a good LNB could do a +/- 20*5khz scan and others a whole +/-200 tics scan.

How long should be the Wait time to see if the Fequency is working? 5 Seconds?

If my math is close… +/-200 = 400 checks at 5 seconds … means 2,000 seconds or about 33 minutes to perform the scan.

That would be ok…

You’re right that 2 MHz would take forever and a day, but for those with more stable LNBs, the auto tuning will complete after a few minutes, so the 2 MHz absolute setting would not impact them.

Since a robot is doing the work, I don’t think there’s a harm in letting it run for an hour (at 5 second intervals).

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