Satellite Reception East Coast Australia

I live close to Brisbane Australia and was wondering if there are any Australian Users, or anyone for that matter than could give me feedback as to the feasibility of using Othernet from my location.

I understand a SNR of 3+ is required. What kind of SNR are Australian Users reaching. I understand there are variable that can interfere with signal, but in general, is it safe to say that Othernet can be accessed from the east coast of Australia?

Thank you for your feed back.

Sorry I did not Read the FAQ. Sadly it would appear this technology does not work across the globe as I thought the case would be. :frowning:

Perhaps I should research Short Wave Radio Data via SSB and have fun with that.

I hope Australia is soon able to be included in this fascinating service you guys are still able to provide.

Best of luck.

Well there are plans to cover the whole world. Current working Beam is America and Europe is in testing.

I don’t know when the get a Asia/Ocean Beam that Covers Australia, but with three Sats it should cover the whole world.

Yes, I read there are 3 Sats, however no one can confirm coverage in Australia. Look forward to the day Australians are also included.

Thx for the reply.

Hey De_Evolve!
Fellow Aussie here (well, PermRes, Italian passport) in Melb…

Quote: “Look forward to the day Australians are also included”…

we have a saying/proverb: Campa cavallo che l’erba cresce!



Im waiting in North Queensland… Just looking for a suitable dish… Gary

@Syed comment?

There are currently two Sats active, one over Europe (Astra 3B) and one over North America (SES-2). So no there is no coverage over Australia so far.

I’m working with SES now on a new lease agreement for next year. The goal is to reduce the bandwidth in the US and EU so that more beams can be added. APAC, sub-Saharan Africa, and South America are next in line. Fingers crossed.

@De_Evolve The L-band system only required three satellites (global beams from each) for global coverage. Ku-band satellites have much smaller footprints, which require around 8 beams for global coverage.

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Reducing bandwidth may be of concern to some Forum members, but overall, OTHERNET needs to a fiscally viable service provider of information in areas of the world lacking internet service. Also, keep in mind, many international shortwave broadcasts have been stuttered, and many new “global internet for all systems” are either not operational or affordable.

Syed’s current focus is an excellent step forward. This recent chart from shows were internet service is available (or lacking based on a penetration) - -

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@Syed As you work to open new opportunities in other areas of the world to receive Othernet Satellite Information Service, you might want to reconsider selecting an appropriate USB Power Source to include in the Dreamcatcher package. I know the cost is a big issue for you, but past experiences among Forum members have revealed too small a power cube creates problems. Image trying to find the right power cube in the Sahara Desert.

You didn’t skimp on the Wifi dongle. The EDUP device is very robust. With a reliable power cube included, you will have a truly “bullet proof” package. Ken

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