Satellite Setup/Pointing WIKI

I have been watching a lot of discussion related to setting up a dish antenna for the first time.

I would like to suggest a WIKI entry for the installation and pointing of satellite antennas, with specific details of the data you get from the appropriate library pages.

I would think we should have the following topics covered:

  • first time antenna setup and pointing (geared for newbies)
  • what to expect from the library pages as gar as real time data goes (lock, snr, etc)
  • troubleshooting steps

We would need to keep this section current with any changes to the outernet software, of course.

If this is something useful, I don’t mind volunteering to get this section going.

Any thoughts


Yes please. :smile: Let me know if you need any help with this.

That would be great! I started this page as a very basic guide a while back:

It would be great if either you expanded or modified the existing page, or if we linked your page with this one!

I will have a look at the existing page and see if it makes sense toi modify it, or start fresh.

Do I need any specific credentials to access/modify/start a page?


You will need to create an account, but other than that, no special permissions should be needed.

I found this website very helpful when pointing my dish from UK. Some of the explanations of azimuth, elevation and polarity are well explained and applicable worldwide.

I love this idea. It’s probably going to be my top problem getting my ORx working.

i use this for fta tv dish pointing