SDRx Usage Question

I just purchased an SDRx receiver and have two questions.

Can I bypass the SAW filter?

If so, how? If not, how dies one set the ppm offset in SDR#?
For standard RTLSDR’s I use NOAA weather as a known good freq reference.


There’s a post on here somewhere that I can’t find now that explains how to bypass the lna and saw filter, but its not really something you’d do temporarily as it requires soldering, removing a component and adding a new sma connector. You’ll need to find something within the saw filter range to use to figure out exact ppm. I don’t have any suggestions on that though.

Thanks for the reply. I bought the unit with the intent of it being my L Band device so if u cannot easily bypass the SAW I can live with that.

I guess I will use a signal generator for a reference for ppm correction


sdrx there is a point where just just solder jump the 2 pads to bypass the saw filter or put some kind of switch in there
it is next to one of the shelds is where you need to jump @Jje64 @unixpunk