SES-2 Frequency Change: 12058.1 MHz

The new downlink frequency will be 12,058.1 MHz. This will happen sometime in January, after the new contract is signed.

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Thanks Syed.

Now that I have access to the roof in my apartment structure (new building ownership - woohoo!!) I’m looking to install this project again. My roof will clear of the tree that grew out blocking my reception. See you soon!!

@kenbarbi (for info)
Is there a projected date we can look forward to for the frequency change?

Not yet. SES has not yet provided that information.

OK, thanks.

Syed - I would love to download the new frequency 12,058.1 MHz - but I NEVER RECEIVED THE UNIT. Can you please address WHY I never received it? I would prefer to have a quick phone call with you…

Could you please PM me with your order number?

Indiegogo contributor ID 416.

[email protected]

@kfont12416 I know it’s taking forever, but Lantern is still being developed. If you would prefer a DIY kit for satellite reception, that’s something I can send relatively soon. This kit has always been offered to backers as a substitute for Lantern. Of course, if you aren’t a hobbyists already, the DIY kit won’t be of any interest to you. Everyone that is currently receiving the Othernet broadcast is doing so through some type of do-it-yourself system, which includes the Dreamcatcher circuit board.

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