Signal Issue in Romania

Hello everybody,
I’ve just received the DYI kit and have experienced the following while connecting to Alphasat:

  • the SDR board is the new one (SDRx Rev1v06.1)
  • if I connect the LNA board, I will get no signal above SNR 0.2
  • without the LNA Board, I get something between SNR 1.75 and 3.21

My question is:

  1. should I still connect the little LNA board to the new SDR board ?
  2. besides the CHIP having a micro-USB power plug, the SDR board also has a micro-USB plug ? Should I apply power to both of them (right now, the SDR board is powered through the CHIP USB connector).

Thanks for your input.

Best regards,

This is poor instructions in the manual. My apologies for that.

  • The green LNA should not be connected to SDRx.
  • Since you can get SNR above 3dB and you have confirmed frame lock, then the kit if functioning normally, but there are likely either pointing issues or possibly local interference.
  • Please do not power the SDRx through the microUSB. It needs to only be connected to the full-size USB-A port on the CHIP. Only if you would like to separate the SDRx from the CHIP, you can use the microUSB port with a cable.

Thanks a lot Syed.

I got several files (like News and Wikipedia).
I’m still waiting for the weather data, but nothing so far. Is this normal ? How can I check that weather data is present since the weather icon on the GUI reports no data.


Got these files, but still no data in the Weather app

Any ideas ?


The weather data is sent about twice per day. If you leave the receiver running over night, you should see it in the morning.


Works great !!!
One more question, if you don’t mind… Is old data deleted periodically, or do I have to delete it manually. If it has to be deleted manually, could you let me know how to do it ?

Thanks a lot,

Excellent! Glad it worked out. Old data is automatically deleted. There is nothing you need to do.

Thanks a lot for all your help Syed.