Signal Report and Windows (not Microsoft)

Signal report and window issue.

I am in Washington State / West Coast USA

I placed the kit is a plastic tote box.

Setting up with a wild guess aiming the antenna South an a random angle I had 7-9db. After reading the manual I adjusted it and now get 9-12 DB regularly. This was with my full system is on the back porch.

I brought it into the house and pointed it out the window (at the same angle) and my signal dropped to almost nothing (all the way down to .5-1db and less). This was only two feet away from the outdoor location.

I have high energy efficient coated glass in the sliding glass door. Don’t know if this is why. Anyone else have a problem like this?

I will be looking at more permanent outdoor antenna mount soon.

Does any know how long of an extension cable that can be added to the antenna without degrading the signal too much.


A normal window will reduce the signal, but not by much. But it can be the coating of the glas or the thickness of the window and so on.

It also could be that the reduced signal comes from electronics in the room instead from the window.

The extension cord should not effect the signa by muchl if it is 5m long or less ad far as i know.


I have experienced exactly the same problems here in Annapolis, MD (outside of Washington, DC). Just like Tyson, I put me gear outside under a plastic cover and it works just fine. Ken

I had the same symptoms trying to aim through our windows. Found some discussion on the internet about the attenuation through newer windows with reflective or heat reducing coatings – unfortunately it is significant.

I discovered that by finding an indoor location where the patch could be aimed through our roof or wall (house is a wood structure) the SNR was very good. In my case it’s on a bookshelf, high in the room, several feet from the wall and ceiling.

Currently get a SNR in the 9-12 dB range, and the surprising part is that there is a splitter in line to simultaneously receive L-Band aero. No incentive at the moment to set up outdoors with these results.