Signal Status in North America

Hi Syed,

After re-flashed back to Skylark V1.0 my chip, everything seems to me working great, but when I trying to connect my chip to my house wifi and use apply and reboot, I could not find outernet wifi anymore until I re-flash chip again.

Thank you

Thanks for logging this bug. Hoping to have it all resolved in the next release.

I just modded my script to add RSSL to the log instead of just SNR. That would have been better in the example script.

This is what I have now.


sleep 60

while true
	a=$(wget -q -O - | jq .result.snr)
	echo -n $(date) ", "
	echo -n $a
	echo -n ", "
	a=$(wget -q -O - | jq .result.rssi)
	echo $a
	sleep 60
done >> /mnt/downloads/RSL.csv

Basic additions but what some may need. The pre-sleep 60 lets the radio get up before we request status.

The Sleep 60 can inside the script can be changed to set the update time.


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