SkyLark 4.4 External API Documentation


Ive added documentation for accessing and integrating external systems with the SkyLark 4.4 interface. Some holes still to fill on the data, as im reverse engineering to get these, so any insight is helpful and appreciated…

Currently there are 3 interfaces

getTunerStatus - Shows metrics used to compute the details in the “Tuner” --> “Status” interface
getAPRS - Shows all the APRS messages received
whatsNew - Shows the same contents displayed in the “Whats New” application look under “Outernet Specific Applications”



you’re doing a GREAT job, thanx!

there is also this:

excellent @Abhishek I’ve added it to the wiki… thanks!

@Abhishek can you define the following parameters for me please?

in “getTunerStatus” --> carousel_id

is this the id of a specific instance of a DATA SYSTEM that sends data to the satellite, or
is this the id of a specific set of DATA that a system sends?

in “getTunerStatus”–> hash

is this a SHA-256 file hash?
to verify download integrity i assume?

in “getTunerStatus”–> complete

This seems to always be 0, would this change to 1 to indicate the file was all sent from the satellite? or all received? wouldn’t the block_count and block_received handle that?

thanks for the response…


@Abhishek i think youve got an errant data point in the getTunerStatus JSON response…
There is an extra blank element in the “transfers” array…

	"result": {
		"event": "packet_received",
		"event_details": "",
		"lock": 1,
		"freq": 1539.87,
		"freq_offset": -2557.35,
		"set_rs": 4200,
		"rssi": -116.74,
		"snr": 11.58,
		"ser": 0,
		"crc_ok": 317628,
		"crc_err": 0,
		"alg_pk_mn": 28.06,
		"state": 4,
		"transfers": [{
			"carousel_id": 2,
			"path": "opaks/58d9-news-pack.2017-09-05_1743.tbz2",
			"hash": "bb4d85e4e41c190780b67dc44aee2add2be413137f6aee0c197052281a8c902d",
			"block_count": 225,
			"block_received": 136,
			"complete": 0
		}, {}]
	"error": false

an opaque internal identifier - no meaning can be attached to it.


it indicates a file that has been fully received and successfully decoded by the receiver.

no, not a bug.

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Whats the purpose of a blank entry in the array?