Skylark 5.5 for Dreamcatcher 3


If you are using Armbian on the Dreamcatcher then yes, you can do an “apt-get update” and get all updates - but that is over normal internet. Othernet reception is not possible when using Armbian.

For receiving Othernet, you need to use Skylark OS, from here. That is not a debian system and is not updated via apt-get.


@Syed @Abhishek : What is the approximate 100% load time beginning at nothing, from carousel to DreamCatcher, assuming 100% valid packets and a bitrate over 20,000? Thanks. Jerry


depends on file sizes


Right, understanding that can vary a great deal. However, I am merely looking for an average day, assuming a start up with a fresh OS and sd card and nothing previously downloaded, such as if we picked yesterday or Saturday, how long for example, if we started up at sunup, say 0645 would it take to get the unit up to the average speed and full current load, understanding that there will be updates along the way, etc., such as a sample of a random period of the day. I know that in one of my field tests, my 3.03 running 5.2 took about an hour and a half to come up to date (current) with most of the news feeds. I know that the weather lagged because of the frequency of how often it is loaded.


there really isn’t anything like that - a new news pack goes out every hour, Weather goes out every 6 hours (and I am looking to speed that up, but the noaa sources are currently going thru a messy tech stack transition, so not the right time time to pursue it), messages go out every few minutes, Wikipedia goes out on a somewhat random basis. So there really isn’t any point of time you can say “the receiver is caught up”.


OK, thanks for the explanation. J.