Skylark for Dreamcatcher

I believe a version of Skylark for Dreamcatcher is soon to be released. Do you (@Abhishek) know when we will see it? Ken


Im Catching DREAMS Now


How would others with Dreamcatchers be able to acquire such treats?

the img file that i am running is a Private file (non Public)
Here soon there will be a Public Release of the new software. Just hang tight. Meanwhile you can Play with the Dreamcatcher as a normal RTL-SDR.

I’ve been working with the Dreamcatcher all day using the rtl-sdr tools. I’ll gladly test a closed alpha/beta if it were to be sent my way through the official channels.

P.S. I’m a software qa analyst by day.

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I’d also be willing to test, I work in software support and that also includes a lot of QA and bug reporting.