Skylark news reader mod

So does anyone else here get tired of having the news reader cut off the article name in the listing window?

How would you like to make it easier to read? Well have I got a deal for you… For just three easy payments.

Oh never mind it isn’t worth anything anyhow.

So SSH into your CHIP and type the following.

sudo sed -i ‘s/30/45/’ /usr/share/www/packages/default/News/scheme.html

You will have to enter the password outernet to proceed.

I told you it was not worth much.

This has adjusted the window size of the article column to be wide enough to read the full title. You will have to resize the window to be able to see the reading pane.

If your screen that you read the news on is low resolution this may make the window to large for you to use.

Happy reading.


Cecil, I like it!!

This mod will disappear when the OTA update occurs, right? So we need to book keep it in our “kit bag” to re add later. :grinning: Ken

Even worse, it will go away if you reboot. It is patching in the ram file overlay. I think @Abhishek was saying that an extension to init.d was going to be added to the /mnt file system so that we can add one time patches like this into the startup.


yes. though I also already changed the width for the middle column in news app, so hopefully in this specific instance it won’t be required.

Well I have reinvented my wheel for the day. Now I’m off to do something useless.



sorry :smiley:, good luck with the quest for useless :wink:

This funny blog is a good example of the frustration we all feel about Outernet lately. 2 steps up the ladder, 1 step down. Like forcing a square device to roll. In this case it’s infinity steps all down, :relaxed:
I have no answer except to just hang in there!