Skylark only keeps a week of news articles

Is there a way to make Skylark keep all news articles? I have had my DreamCatcher plugged in over a month and it only keeps a weeks worth of articles. Is there a way to change that?

I have a 200GB MicroSDXC card in it for this reason.

Here’s an answer from page 21 of my Dreamcatcher Users Manual for storing News articles on an external micro SD card plugged into your Dreamcatcher - -


Looks like Skylark 5.7 is not saving anything to SD_DATA. I have had it running for almost a month and nothing has been saved to the 200GB card.

It is formatted as ext4 without journaling (using -O ^has_journal) and is mounted.

Make sure to use a fast high quality micro SD card formatted FAT32.

The 2nd sd card is only written to when the dreamcatcher is starting and when the card is inserted. If you want that sd card to be used you will need to reboot or reinsert the card every week.


That… makes absolutely no sense. So, I have to reboot my Dreamcatcher every week in order to archive to my SD_DATA card? It would make more sense to have an option to auto-archive it every week to SD_DATA and could be retrieved like every article.

It would also make sense to have a slider or “archive after xx days/weeks/months”. That way people with large SD_OS cards can keep the articles on their system instead it purging every week. Heck we can get 256GB MicroSDXC cards for ~$40 now.

I have a high performance 200GB MicroSDXC Card formatted to ext4 in my SD_DATA slot. Is FAT32 an absolute requirement, although it mounts it just fine initially? I wanted to use F2FS, but it’s not supported and will not mount automatically.

You either need to reboot your dreamcatcher or remove and reinsert your sd card every week. I’m sure @Abhishek has his reasons for why it is setup that way.

Something you need to keep in mind is the dreamcatcher is a low power board. Loading a week worth of news doesn’t take that long, but if you have a couple months worth then your dreamcatcher will struggle to keep up.

I am still waiting for Christmas morning to unbox my DC so I don’t know for sure about this…but, you might want to look at setting up a ‘cron’ job to schedule and execute the reboot.

sorry @demandzm – meant to reply to @Simba7

use rsync to copy files from dreamcatcher to your pc