Skylark User Manual

The user manual has been updated and is now on Github. Feel free to edit the manual and submit pull requests.


Looks good. The only issue I see is the picture that shows the power button circled, doesn’t actually circle the power button. Unless it was moved on the latest version of CHIP.

Hay @Syed,

In the section of the manual that is showing login information I think a section should be added for the http status JSON data and the direct APRS data. You should likely also mention the FTP interface for the files.

Also instead of (or in addition to) having the login info down under receiver setup, this should be top line center information. Just in case they plug it in without reading, and it works :wink:.


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Is the wi-fi range only 5 feet? I’m still using the Raspberry Pi setup and I get at least 20 feet of wi-fi range. Everything is outside under protected canopy. Can I add a external antenna to the CHIP?

I may have mis understood this but isn’t Skylark the name for the software running on the chip , not the whole kit

so the skylark manual should focus on the software & then a seprate manual for the hardware

its a manual for using the receiver. the reason its called the “skylark user manual” is to differentiate it from the earlier manual which was about the older Librarian software stack.

makes sense , thanks @Abhishek

This is good :slight_smile: The picture with the wrong position of the power switch is the only “bad” thing in it:)
I have been running Skylark now for long enough now to get a really good “feel” for it. and I would like to post my impression.
Pro’s - Con’s - Suggestions and observed bugs/issues,
I don’t want the list to be buried in lots of comments, as would happen is I put in the in official Skylark V1 thread. , but I would like comments regardless… and I think starting a new thread will just make nore “noise” so to speak
Where is the right place to to that?
Note- I used QA software for a job , and have managed a big team QA team in the past, so I will describe things as I see them , warts & all!

@donde The range is really inconsistent. I’ve definitely seen the distances you are referring to, but I wanted to be very conservative on what is described in the manual.

@demandzm The picture has been updated. It does not yet show the location of the power button, but at least now it does not show the wrong location.

@CRCasey Goog call regarding login information (just changed it). I believe this is a public repo, so feel free to make any edits. I will merge them.

@neil Go nuts! The best place to log everything is here:

@syed I am already nuts… Or so my friends tell me! LOL.
I will get that written up in the next few days ( my stupid work is keeping me busy! )

I noticed that the issue opened regarding the broken hotspot configuration doesn’t seem to have had any activity so I’ve just added my 2c worth …
Have there been any OTA bug fixes issued yet?

within the next couple days.