Snapshot builds 2.1.003

As usual, please read the warnings and instructions before proceeding with flashing.

This snapshot builds are for the upcoming 2.2.000 hotfix release. The following issues have been addressed:

  • FSAL not picking up new downloads
  • Monitoring script improvement
  • Typing in folder path in search field resulting in search result being shown even when the path is an exact match (correct result should be a normal folder listing)

The monitoring script in this snapshot is pointed at the test server. Device count should increment by 1 within 10 minutes of fully booting your receiver.

Download locations:

I haven’t confirmed yet, but it is possible that on Pi1, the postgres server does not start on boot. Let me know if you run into this issue. It should be possible to get it started manually like so:

sudo /etc/init.d/S50postgres start
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Downloaded and running on Lighthouse through Galaxy 19. LED lights working correctly again. Will report later on performance. Ken

Ok, thanks for checking in.

Updated my ORxPi2 receiver with version 2.1.003. It is working.

Time elapsed about 20 minutes. But my device isn’t listed in the monitoring page

Now new tweets are appearing super fast on Twitter page with images. Also getting the missing images for old tweets.

Can you ping anything on Internet from your receiver?

I’m getting this.

How long has it been since you booted?

about 2 hours. also manually started the monitoring script with,
sudo touch /mnt/persist/monitoring.yes

Can you give me the fist 3 groups in the /mnt/persist/monitoring.key file?


Do you otherwise have a lock and all that?

yes. it is working well and seems stable. also receiving files.

Ok, one more thing. What does the monitoring section in diags log say?

It is still pointing to, not to the test server.

Dec 22 00:26:39 orxpi2 outernet.monitor: Could not establish connection to HTTP Error 404: Not Found
Dec 22 00:27:39 orxpi2 outernet.monitor: Collecting data
Dec 22 00:27:39 orxpi2 outernet.monitor: Connected to socket

That doesn’t look right. Can you tell me what you get when you do:

grep  MON_URL /etc/init.d/S91monitoring


– -P $MON_PID -u $MON_URL -k $MON_KEY -b $MON_BUF -a $MON_ACT \

The log entries could be old then. Try restarting the monitoring manually and see what happens.

is this correct?

ORxPi2 v2.1.003 | [email protected]:/> sudo touch /mnt/persist/monitoring.yes
ORxPi2 v2.1.003 | [email protected]:/> grep MON_URL /etc/init.d/S91monitoring
ORxPi2 v2.1.003 | [email protected]:/>

You only need to touch monitoring.yes once and it’ll remain there forever until manually removed. To restart monitoring client:

sudo /etc/init.d/S91monitoring restart

Then check if it’s running with:

ps ax | grep monitoring

Next, give it about 10 minutes, and then check the log:

grep monitor /var/log/messages

ORxPi2 v2.1.003 | [email protected]:/> sudo /etc/init.d/S91monitoring restart
Stopping monitoring: OK
Starting monitoring: OK
ORxPi2 v2.1.003 | [email protected]:/> ps ax | grep monitoring
1713 root {monitoring-clie} /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/monitoring-client -P /var/run/ -u -k /mnt/persist/monitoring.key -b /mnt/persist/monitoring.buffer -a /mnt/persist/monitoring.yes --platform ORxPi2 --setup /mnt/data/librarian/librarian.json
1726 root grep monitoring
ORxPi2 v2.1.003 | [email protected]:/>

Will update after 10 minutes.