Snapshot builds 2.1.003

Ok, it looks like it would now be transmitting to the correct URL.

If that works, try rebooting and see if it keeps sending to the same URL.

yeah. it is working :smile: thanks.

Yay! I think this is the most green dots we’ve seen since Outernet started monitoring. :smiley:

yes. very correct :smile:

Since restarting the monitoring client yesterday, the receiver didn’t receive any files from the satellite until today. The elapsed time is about 9 hours. Today morning, I restarted the receiver but the issue remains the same.

Can you tell me whether this happens because there’s nothing new to download from the satellite?

Here is the screen capture of my Windows phone.

We removed some 12k files after we discovered a bug in ONDD. Should be back to normal now.

From your screenshot it looks like you have all the files in all the current carousels. I’m a bit surprised if this is true, actually.

Do you mind poking around in the Week of 2015-12-12 directory and verifying most of the files are complete?

If the files are at 100% for a long time, it means they’re probably already complete.

Just odd that it would be downloaded so quickly. It was 3gb of content, and i put it up on monday afternoon iirc.