SNR Jumps from +6.0 to -1

Does this look right? I’ve been running for few hours. No files have decoded yet and I just wanted to make sure the SNR should be jumping around like it is. I’m using a new Outernet kit that just arrived 2017-02-01 with included patch antenna and Apple iPad 2.1A power supply.

Thanks for your help.

Guessing by your RSSI and the SNR strangeness, you have a very strong local source of interference. Maybe try moving it to the other side of your house to test?

It may work to receive some stuff, but large files will take a few passes around the carousel I bet.

-104 is a stong signal. If that doesn’t go along with high SNR, you are catching noise from something. In my case, it used to be my Samsung LED TV. As soon as I turned it on, it wiped out Outernet. Meanwhile, I have shielded my pre-amp and added ferrite beads to the USB cable and that blocked the TV’s rogue signal.

I found the LNA on a local 9TV0 Satellite dish was destroying my signal from the satellite too.
there are LOTS of variable, but the RSSi number should be lower (a larger negative!) for sure, as the is the “noise floor”


Thanks for all the suggestions. I started shielding pre-amp, dongle and then the CHIP with small pieces of foil. As soon as I put some foil between the CHIP and the antenna the SNR stabilized between +5 and +6. Interference must be coming from the CHIP. I then added a 6 foot USB cord between the CHIP and SDR and things are perfect with no foil required.

Thanks again all!

That explains why I found that the setup with the short cables works best if the CHIP is parallel on the side of the antenna.