SNR without LNA

Hello to everyone,

Is a SNR of 1.4 - 1.9 dB without a LNA possible?

My complete setup:

DX Patrol MK2
Homebrew l band patch antenna

I ordered the following LNA:

Hope it is ok for receiving a stronger signal, I heard I need at least 3 dB.

BTW: I’m aware of the LNA4ALL.


73 de Daniel

Is there any way to set the rf gain?

Because I need to adjust the rf gain for the dx patrol sdr device.

I’m already connected to the pi with ssh but I can’t find a config.


most probably it doesn’t work as a wideband LNA and picking up all the surrounding noise too. the outernet LNA has a narrow bandpass filter (SAW filter)

gain in the Skylark system is set automatically