So Indigogo was just a scam, right?

It’s been seven years.
We’ve gotten some “please be patient” responses but no product.
I haven’t even gotten an update email since 2018.
You scammed us out of our money.

You see there is still active development, right? And both hardware and software can be reviewed in detail on GitHub (schematic, layout, firmware). There are also two live, functional satellite channels; if it was really a scam wouldn’t it make sense to just delete the website—especially the forums—and turn off the satellite channels? It’s not like those are free.

One of the reasons for the two recent redesigns is related to the global chip shortage. Please let me know if you have access to any 52 MHz TCXOs or the TI TPS65235.

I’ve put over $150,000 of my own money into the project, so I guess I scammed myself.


I’ve invested over 1000 USD into the project for the “Solar Village Lantern” perk ( I understand that the global chip shortage may be an issue, but since you’re neither manufacturing the solar panels, SAT dish, LNB, the 1 TB drive, and cables yourself, you could at least ship those things to me already. In fact, since so many years have passed, a 2 TB drive at this point is likely cheaper than a 1 TB drive you calculated into this perk 7 years ago.

Sure, I can send those to you. I’ll follow up separately over email.