Softwear issues and reception problems

I have the newer style of receiver/amp and a chip after discovering how to get through a wifi issue i now have a problem receiving the satalite sig. even if in places where i previously got a good signal. The screen shots of the screen displays of the softwear and how to update the softwear are compleatly diffrent than what i see. How do i update softwear and where is it found???

If you have the SDRx then you should have the latest software already. But just in case, all the information you need can be found here.

Thanks I’ll have a try.

The Software (Skylarc or the older Librarian) has nothing to do with the SDR/AMP :slight_smile:

I also used the new SDRx with Librarian and now with Skylarc without any problems. I would check all connections first and ensure that the white led on the SDRx is on after booting of the CHIP mini pc.


PS: What is that wifi issue anyone talks about? Wifi works fine in client mode (Connected to my home wifi) for me :slight_smile:

The problem I had was the chip hot spot could not be joined. I finally had to unpassword the outernet hotspotand it is working fine. I had passworded the outernett like all of the other routers you setup. But for some reason i would get messages like outernet could not be joined, so i was able to attach the chip tp my regular linux box via usb and made like it was an wired network connection un passworded the wifi connection and it worked just fine.

I would try to get closer to the chip the wifi range is not far even if you can see the SSID that does not mean that it will connect. its kinda of a false indicator of wifi range and signal strength.