Solar panel and enclosure

Is it possible to buy just a solar panel and molded enclosure off of the store? I can think of many projects that would be useful for.

I’m not sure we are the best suppliers for solar panels. We do have very many, but I can’t guarantee the quality of them right now, as they were all for prototyping purposes.

Just a question: How much power is the Solar Cell producing in Lantern?


About 2W. It’s a high efficiency SunPower cell.

Keep in mind 2 watts will run the system, but not provide enough charging capacity to recharge a Lipo to run the system when the sun goes down. Many of us have concluded a 24 watt solar cell could do the job. Ken

Thank you for this.
Any preference in 24 watt solar panel you have tried? or particular set up?
I would like to run a dreamcatcher board/hotspot without using “home” energy. I have a RPI power pack 3.7V, 3800 mAh to use as a lithium battery which may be sufficient when sun is down, but what panel would you use to recharge the battery?

thank you!

Hello Chirale

I used a 30 watt panel from a friend’s boat - - it was a Goal Zero he got from West Marine for about $200. My configuration was to charge a 12 volt battery and run a small inverter to power the Dreamcatcher - -

At 21 x 18 inches, it was not too big. Worked well, but was larger than I wanted on my deck, so I went back to ac power. Maybe you could find a local sailor and see if he’ll loan you one for a test. Ken

Thank you Ken,
This looks good, I’ll see what I find around here (UK) and will post the setup!
I am a bit worried about luck of sun where I am but we shall see…!