Solar Tablet's with Outernet for Rural India


I have been working with rural educators in India using digital tablets powered by solar panels. Rural villages in India donot have regular electricity and internet.
I am planning to use Outernet receivers with solar power and create localised content to be downloaded at these locations.
Mobile phone penetration is about 70% in these locations and will use SMS technology for a 2 way communication.
In process to get funds for 100 such locations, ideas and suggestions welcomed.

Do you think it will be easier to use the L-band signal, which does not require a technician to install a dish? The antenna and receiver cost for the portable system will also be less than Ku, which requires a dish. However, the cost of delivering content is much, much more for L-band.

Hi Syed,

When you say cost of delivering content will be high with L-Band, can you elaborate more?


Our model is free to receive, but pay to send. So if you are interested in your own content being broadcast over Outernet, then we do charge a fee for that. Ku-bandwidth is much less expensive than L-band, so the cost per MB changes accordingly.