(Solved) Status Page Shows Wrong Frame Lock State

After upgrading to Skylark 1.2, the Outernet status page at http://status.outernet.is/ has continuously shown a red balloon over my site for Frame Lock status. Locally I show frame lock and am receiving everything. I’ve only missed one packet in the last 706,000 since last reboot. The status page states 99% is green, 80% is yellow, else red. Maybe 100% is showing as else! Not sure what’s happening.

Adding @Abhishek

the frame lock % on the status page and the packet error rate in the tuner app are completely different metrics.

The packet error rate in the tuner app is how many packets were received that failed a crc check. When you say you “missed one packet” - that just means only 1 packet out of those received failed crc. In normal operation, you may lose a few packets.

The frame lock percentage on the status page actually measures the stablity of the frame lock itself. If you have local interference, or low SNR, then you will intermittently lose frame lock. When frame lock is lost, no packets are received, and these “lost” packets are not counted at all in the previous metric (obviously - the system did not even see them). The frame lock % is the percentage of the time you had frame lock. In normal operation, you should expect to have 100% frame lock. (thats why the balloon is only green if the frame lock in 99%+).

Thank you for the explanation, but I’m still confused.

I’m looking at my local tuner status box at the moment. It shows on the second line “Lock yes” and third line from the bottom “Lock State Frame Lock” as it usually does, with an SNR of 7 to 8 and a Symbol Error Rate of 0. Packets appear to be arriving at an uninterrupted,steady rate. I just received the last opaks file 100%. Is this possible with less than 80% frame lock?

The Status Dashboard still shows a red balloon over my location for Frame Lock. It almost always had a green balloon before the update and I haven’t seen green since.

pm me your external ip.

are you on skylark 1.0 or 1.2?

It seems like most people have a frame lock of less than 80%.

check now. forget the pm/ip thing.

That looks better.

bug is skylark 1.2 telemetry data parsing. fixed now.