[Solved] Unable to Convert TL-WN722N to Access Point

I received my TP-LINK TL-WN722N today and went to go run the setap.sh script and it failed due to the /etc/conf.d directory not existing on my clean install of Arch Linux.

Researching this issue, they don’t create the conf.d directory anymore since it has technically been depreciated… However their own Wireless Network Configuration page refers to creating the configuration file in that location.

The solution was for me (as root) was to create the conf.d directory manually (mkdir /etc/conf.d) and then re-run the setap.sh script. No rebooting required and started redirecting connections immediately as well.

I wonder why it’s been deprecated and what the alternative is. May well be the usual “we don’t like it” thing. :smile:

Anyhow, see my reply on GitHub.

Yep, I’m super new to Git, however I think I made the change you wanted…