Some quations about outernet

I’m new so I would like to know more about this service
1- with this service or device can I access internet normally?
2- can I download and upload?
3- what is speed of download and upload?
4- Is it limited or unlimited (someone told me its only 1 GB I don’t know what he mean 1GB)?
5- Can I share it through WiFi?
6- Is it legal?

Thank you

Please read the documents on The site.

The answer
1 no
2 Yes No
3 20 MB/day no
4 no no and reading the outernet manual is less than 1 gb.
5. Yes
6 yes

If I can not use internet normally then what is use of this service?

It is like buying a newpaper. You can read the newspaper but you cannot access the internet.


Where exactly did you hear of Outernet? In a publication? On a different website? In a forum?

seagull = shill

I dont know why but i read these questions very often here…

just read and you would have no question… Outernet filecast

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There may be some article or review out there that contains incorrect information about Outernet, which would not be unusual in the vast world of internet tech reviews by the clueless. I’ve seen some doozies even on “respectable” tech sites.