Some questions about the new upcoming dreamcatcher kit

I really want to get into othernet, but I have some questions regarding the upcoming new dreamcatcher kit:

Do I need an external antenna? If yes, can I just use a standard TV dish antenna?
Will it ship to Europe?

Do you expect it to come to production this year?

Where do you produce that stuff(important for shipping costs)?

Do you still have that feature where you could upload your own small files into othernet?

And lastly, do older dreamcatcher models still work?

Thanks to anybody seeing this! You are the absolute best!

@pkuba208 Yes, you will still need an LNB. You should not need a reflector (dish), but that will be determined by your reception quality/signal strength. Yes, a standard TV dish can be used. The dish you’ll need to acquire locally. The Dreamcatcher and LNB can be shipped to Europe.

There is currently stock in Chicago of the Dreamcatcher; they just need final QC-testing.

You can upload messages through this forum, which will then be broadcast. Files can’t be uploaded because of how small the files need to be. The download speed is only 2 kbps.

Yes, the old Dreamcatchers do still work.