Sounds great! What's the catch?

Sorry for being skeptic, but I have some questions:

Who are the people behind this project?
Are they going to sell out to corporate america so they can limit our internet in the future?
Are they going to charge everyone once they become a monopoly?
How do we know this project has solid moral values that will not change over time?

Just trying to protect the public’s investment


The major players are listed on the main page.

Of course, how else do you think that a sat downlink could be free? Do your local FM stations that play your favorite music work on donations? No, they sell advertising. Of course, limiting your internet future as unrealistic as your rock n roll station preventing you from cheating with the country music station. If this works, Outernet won’t be the last group to put up such sat based datacasting.

How would that work, exactly?

You can’t.

What I meant with “Are they going to sell out to corporate america so they can limit our internet in the future?” was how Verizon is trying to make it so all websites have to pay a toll to be on the internet. That’s the one thing that would ruin our access to information. I hope this project never sells out like that.

Who’s to say it’s not Big Brother behind all this “feed them a pork chop” deal…probably a giant honey pot,in my opinion…

EDIT: yes I know this is quite stale, but just thought I’d clarify in case someone runs into it, like I have.

I’d like to see one.

First of all, I doubt we’d become a monopoly. There are other entities planning to beam from space.

If/when we reach two-way stage, we may charge for the upload portion of the deal, but one-way download will always be free. At least that’s the plan for now. Also, hardware we are currently designing is already open-source, so you can even evade buying hardware from us.

You don’t know. Trust is not built on paper but by experience.