SpaceX and T-Mobile partner for direct-to-cellphone satellite service -

I’m sure this will come up, so I might as well be the first to post and it.

To answer the easy questions:

Yes, this is really cool–and totally expected from my perspective.

No, this will have no impact on Othernet. We will continue to operate the service and sell radios for as long as there is interest and as long as it is commercially viable. My goal is still to get the receiver cost down and expand coverage where ever the numbers make sense.

Yes, it is possible that SpaceX will provide a broadcast service some day. When that happens, well…


I read they will be using Globalstar on L-band…not Starlink.

Apple is using GlobalStar, which I think is S-band.
The Starlink (as well as AST SpaceMobile and Lynk) model is to reuse terrestrial LTE bands.