Spanish translator needed

I need help translating some Outernet informational materials from English to Spanish. If you have some time you’re willing to donate to help me with this, please send me a message.


I am not fluent, but I am at level 12 for spanish on Duolingo, according to their software I can read 57% of all spanish text. If this is insufficient I understand.

Thanks so much for the offer, Tobi! Your skills are way ahead of mine, but I need someone who is fluent in both English and Spanish. I really appreciate your offer, though!

Hi @rachel,

If you still need it I offer myself as a volunteer.

I am a Spanish native speaker.



I understand

I would love to help you, too. (if you still need it)
I’m a native speaker, and I worked for different projects as a translator.


Natalia C.


I’m a native speaker from México, interested in support this project, and maybe make this a sustainable hobbie.
I’m an amateur translator, and software engineer.

So if you still need volunteers for translation, please tell me,


Thanks, translation help is very valuable. You can contribute to translations here:

Currently Spanish is 72% complete.

Yeah, I started some days ago with 30% but now is 100% complete =)

There are some incongruencies like formal and informal “you”, and some things that has to be tested in UI, but it’s almost done.

If you have something else to translate to spanish (main web page for instance), please tell.
Also I want to have some content in Outernet in spanish, but maybe we can talk about later when the Filecast system is complete.

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