Starting Again to keep busy

For many months my Outernet not in service. I had these parts up and running: Passive patch antenna, LNA, RTL-SDR, Raspberry Pi (not sure which Pi version) All parts except Pi from Outernet. Have been following Forum now an then. Lots has happened. Guess I want to try again. What should I buy? Still have not received CHIP. Probably never see it. Will Pi work with Outernet SDRx L Band RTLSDR? In Documentation I see reference CHIP. No see for Pi. Or should I go for Dreamcatcher board? Since not following Forum everyday, not sure about lots of things.
Thanks, Don W6RWN

What’s wrong with your old setup? Unless there’s a problem with it then you should be able to use it.

Raspberry Pi not supported anymore. And never received the CHIP I ordered.