Status not being received

Have not looked at Tuner, Status for many weeks. But today looked at it. I can get to Tuner, but clicking on Status, I get blank page. Other tabs OK. Rebooted Skylark Version 5.7. No help. Diagnostics and System Messages under Log Viewer seem OK. Correct LED’s on board are flashing. What to do?

Just a long shot, but I have had a similar problem. It was caused by the center conductor of the rf cable coming off the Dreamcatcher breaking loose from its wire.

Have you checked continuity on the center and ground on the RF wire going to your F connector? Ken

After posting, I decided to look for updates of Windows 10. And there were 5 of them, So I did them mainly to kill time while waiting for possible reply from here. About an hour later I tried Tuner, Status again. There it was! I can’t believe how doing the updates could fix the problem. Months ago I remember a blank screen problem that many had. Don’t remember what caused it.
Thanks Mr. B.

The whole Software of the DC runs in the Browser, so it can’t be the Windows Updates…

But happy that it works again :slight_smile:

Agreed … I had to blame something or someone :upside_down_face: