Status of outernet on hot bird

Hi , Please what is the current status of outernet on hotbird?

Also any other sats for uk to receive on?

regards lee

Unfortunately, Ku-band support has been deprecated. Outernet is exclusively on L-band now.

Hi thanks for the reply. Thats very disapointing to hear. Surely the ku hardware is more accessible to the isolated communities than l band is. Surely the reason is commercially sound but very unhelpful for the original idea of why outernet was created to deliver.

Actually, the L-band hardware is derived from DVB-T dongles, which sell by the tens of millions per year and are much lower cost than even Ku set top boxes. We may have an update in the coming months that will allow a standard/cheap dongle to receive L-band, with the addition of an amplifier and antenna.

Hi Lee.

I am in London and am thinking about getting a kit.

Being in the UK how has your experience with the kit and Outernet been so far?

Am I right in thinking that we are able to use both Hotbird and Alphasat in the UK?



@Sam_Clare We have no service running over Hotbird. It’s only Alphasat.

Outernet coverage map