Seems to be always booken lol…
The Dreamcatcher is on and working great.
But I have yet seen myself on the maps.
I’m in Seattle, Washington., USA.
And I’m rocking over 9.1bB and Locked, 0 errors…

Just curious if the page is broke or not… It seems to be the same image all the time .
Anyhow. Have a great day

status is currently down. you are seeing a cached image. it should be up in an hour or so.

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cool, thank you

Status is up now. Let me know if you still don’t show up. It can take upto 15 minutes for a board to start showing up.

Only skylark systems show up on status, btw, and only if they are configured to be in wifi client mode and if they are internet-connected (of course).

Armbian boards, or Skylark boards in Access point mode, or boards that are denied internet egress by your firewall/router/access point configuration will not show up on status.

Here in Annapolis, MD, I see my balloon as green which is consistent with my tuner status. I’m connected although not receiving any new traffic. Ken


I am looking into the no traffic problem. The entire chain is functioning fine - that I have already verified. My own receivers are locked and getting packets, but files are failing to complete, though I did finish a few files today.

Could you show me a shot of your “Whats new” screen?

When the problem was originally reported for Alphasat, it seemed like it might be a local “space weather” issue, but its happening with the Americas beam as well, so its sth else entirely.

sweets got it working now…

Here’s what I have this morning at 0639 EDT 23 June

The last file I received was Cunningham’s Law according top my tuner


After sending the last message, I sudo poweroff my Lantern/CHIP, and let it rest a few minutes, then started it up again. It is now receiving traffic, so I don’t know if the problem was local or system wide:

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Another Update

My Lantern/CHIP started acting up again. Seems to be stuck on one download. I am sending this morning’s System Message to you by email for review.

I’m thinking my problem may be the external 32 GB USB stick with my Rachel on it that is causing the problem. After you look at my System Message, I think I’ll pull the stick. Ken

Check ‘What’s New’, mine thinks its stuck on Oprah but the what’s new list is still updating as of 10a CDT.

My latest What’s New

Last delivered traffic was 1 hr 27 minutes ago (it’s now 1127 EDT here). My Tuner is still stuck at

Hope @Abhishek can figure this out. My system (Lantern/CHIP) has been working flawlessly for a long time. Ken

Latest news - - @Abhishek thinks my USB Stick got corrupted. He asked me to remove it and restart the Lantern/CHIP).

I have done that (without reflashing Skylark 4.4), so we’ll see what happens in the next few hours/days. Ken

Mine started moving along again, latest time I’ve got in What’s New is 10:43a CDT today, some News items.

WOW… Im starting to see More and More Outernet Users Popping up…Very Nice
Great Job Guys

I am receiving good solid data as is Jessie in Florida, and Wolfgang in Germany at this time - - the same data.

It looks like the USB Stick created the problem :cry:

More to report on Saturday. Then we try to figure out why. Ken

Continued good strong signals in Annapolis, MD, with USB Stick removed fron Lantern/CHIP.

System corruption with external storage (32 GB FAT32 formatted USB Stick) attached to Lantern/CHIP is still puzzling - - but I’ll get over it. Ken

I am limited by my monthly data limits. Is the reporting to able to be limited. I am running skylark 4.4 connected to my home wifi router. The instructions say that this config will report a status… Maybe it is not a big load… but anything that adds ‘overhead’ to my internet connection is not wanted.

Kind of off the subject, but are you using a cellular 3G or 4G connection to you home system thru a Wireless Ethernet Bridge connection?

I’ve read they are very useful if you want to disconnect completely from terrestrial fiber, copper, or cable connections? They are being used succesfully in India. Ken

@ac8dg not a Problem , just switch back to the create Hotspot. in the outernet network under wifi mode. and check the hotsopt config. make sure you know what it says and if you add a password…
click apply and reboot.

downside to this is you wont be on the status page and only a wifi device can now view the DC under OUTERNET wifi AP
and it doesnt download anything(that im aware of) just uploads the status i belive