Status page and init setup

Thank you for the new satellite status page:
It is very usefull for receive tests. I plan to setup a second dish for the Intelsat 10, its high speed is very impressive.
The question is, is the old whiteboard pages maintanines now? The lists of choosed and broadcast contentens are very usewfull for me, with the voting ranks too. Sometimes I used the links directly to read the different popular contents.

Another note:
On the new ORxPi system there is an initial setup steps, for easy setup the system. My problem is, it hasnot option to finish this setup without any working DVB-S2 receiver. I understand, this step finalize the ondd config to the choosed satellite.
But I had a small idea, to use one RaspberryPi without receive hw (dish and receiver) to put it on a public space, for example to a coffe house. In this place not easy to manage the dish, but can easy access some users. Additionaly I plan to use another full system to receive the new contents, and time-to-time I will change the SD card in the two system with the new contents.
So: it would be usefull on the setup page an option, to finish the initial steps wihtout configure the receiver parts.

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Whiteboard is not going to be maintained anymore. While it did provide useful data to general user, it wasn’t useful to us, and expensive to run because of the tech stack. So we’re thinking about something else.

This has been on our list for a while now, so I’ll bump it for one of the upcoming sprints. Meanwhile, a possible workaround is to complete the setup with tuner present, then reboot with tuner unplugged. This causes the setup configuration to be written with tuner step marked as complete.

Thanks to the answers.
I am sorry to whiteborad pages, to the lost of tremendous informations on it.
Thanks for the tipp to finalize the setup and use it as a stand-alone system.
I will try it…
And thanks for your continuous attentions and new developmnents.

It’s not all lost. We learn from failed experiments to make a better product. :wink:

Outernet status board is very interesting.

Can you tell me where the data comes from? I am going to have a permanent Galaxy installation up and running soon - had a temp system running on a very old ex-satellite TV antenna just to get some data flowing and see that my setup works.

I presume that my permanent system would report its status via internet and will add to the data on this page?


Data comes from actual receivers connected to Internet and contribution to monitoring network would be highly appreciated! I will soon prepare a new ORxPi image that includes the monitoring daemon.